We’re building Vertical Farms in food deserts and remote regions around the globe, and want you to be a part of our project.

Aerovert – Vertical Farms

To battle the growing problem of food security, we are building hybrid vertical farms equipped with the advanced technology needed to consistently produce multiple crops for communities in food deserts and remote areas across the globe. These efforts are providing fresh produce year-round regardless of the climate, at a cost that is lower than transporting fruits and vegetables into disadvantaged locations.

Our local alternative contributes to food sustainability by growing tastier, healthier products that get to consumers faster, with 100% traceability.


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Our Partner: Cultivatd

Aerovert Farms is bringing food security to much-needed food deserts around the globe.

Through collaboration, our network of partners and our industry-leading tech, we can bring advanced food production to areas of the globe that are previously unable to sustain healthy levels of food production.

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What we’re about

At Aerovert Ltd. we are on a mission to deliver tastier, healthier produce to food deserts and remote communities across the globe, quickly and more efficiently.

Our revolutionary approach has demonstrated that growing delicious fruits and vegetables is not limited to the arable countryside. In fact, we are placing our hybrid vertical farms in or near urban and metropolitan areas, helping bring the farm to the fork in communities all over the world.