Our Vertical Farms

As arable land for farming shrinks due to climate change, urban sprawl, and the destruction of soil, indoor farming projects like Aerovert vertical farms, have demonstrated they can help meet rising food requirements today and in the future.

At Aerovert, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve. Due to extensive experience, research, and partnerships we understand the optimum technology to be used for each environment and each crop and we operate it using best in class vertical farming operations. By being implementers and operators of the best technology we are able to achieve the best results for each crop type in each community.

Our hybrid vertical farms produce crops faster with higher yields, using far less water and no pesticides or herbicides. We grow tastier, healthier products that get to consumers faster, and with 100% traceability.

Supported by the controlled environment within our hybrid vertical farm, vegetables can be produced anywhere in the world, in a space-saving manner, and regardless of the climate. Our approach has demonstrated that growing delicious produce is not limited to the arable countryside. In fact, we are placing Hybrid Farms vertical farms in or near urban and metropolitan areas, helping communities bring the farm to the fork.

In our Hybrid Farms we grow Leafy Greens, Herbs, Microgreens, and Mushrooms. By having multiple crops, we can supply our customers with variety of products, making it easier to manage their supply chains. At Hybrid Farms we have something delicious and exciting for everyone!

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