About Us

Based in Alberta, Aerovert is a Controlled Environment Agriculture farming company.

Our Leadership Team

Chris Craig – President and CEO

As a long time general contractor, Chris has managed national construction projects for major corporations with a proven track record of delivering projects on time, on budget with an excellent safety record. Chris now looks forward to bringing that passion and success into the indoor vertical farming world.

Eric Bergeron – CFO (Chief Farming Officer)

Eric is a vertical farming expert in both technology and operations. Being one of the first vertical farmers in Canada Eric has operated several types of farming tech including container and warehouse farms, brought technological innovation to the vertical farming space, and trained numerous vertical farmers. Eric is responsible for technology selection and general farming operations among other construction, relationship, and project management roles.

Evan Craig – Chief Operating Officer

Evan comes from a background in construction project management and environmental technology implementation where he specializes in both energy and site production performance.  Not only is Evan crucial in planning and construction budgets but is key to assuring an efficient ongoing operating budget on the farm.

Stephen Hume – Director of Sale & Marketing

Stephen has an extensive history in the fields of restoration construction, communications, and technology. Stephen is driven by customer satisfaction and facilitating collaboration in projects that stand out and provide innovation that help both people and their communities.

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